Founded in 2021 in Grenoble, France by DJs Q-Peace, Robotnik3000 and Barzotti Dubz, the BEATWATCH crew is ready to take all risks to locate and rescue the most dangerous breakbeats from troubled waters.
From Malibu to Grenoble passing through London and New York, these rhythm sentinels monitor the coast in order to bring back to the ground everything that can make you dance, or break your neck.
From dusty, funky deep grooves to the latest futuristic beats, nothing escapes their surveillance.

From Afrobeat, to Hip-Hop and Bass Music, BEATWATCH aims at discovering new musical horizons. The collective proposes a platform to underground and alternative music, focuses on carefully curated selections and regularly posted podcasts as well as event organisation and promotion.

ย ยฉ BEATWATCH 2023